16 or 32 Ouce Kits Available


Two Part Epoxy Resin for Tumblers, Table Tops, Jewelry Making, Painting and many other Crafts. By far the clearest Epoxy  I've ever used! There is practically NO SMELL, AND My cups are almost completely DRY after 4 hours on my turner!


Fast Cure! Non-Yellowing! Non-Toxic!


Directions: Mix 1:1 ratio for a crystal clear, high-gloss finish that is almost like glass. Wait no more than 3 minutes before use! If needed, use your heat gun to pop the bubbles that have risen to the top of your cup. Apply in generous layers to your tumblers to avoid fisheyes! 


You Must Mix Equal Parts of both A & B!

If you do not mix correctly it will get too hot!

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No VOCs, No BPAs.


40 Minute Work Time

24 hour Cure


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Muggle Magic Fast Dry Epoxy