Nagini's Venom Purple (PRESALE)

Nagini's Venom Purple (PRESALE)


Nagini's Vemon looks like a plain color.  Under epoxy, there are many colors! But, It truely is Magic in the way the that it reacts to the light of your camera! This color Is just a little bigger than the skinny size has a different feel than our normal colors. This is for the reflecting effect. The photo's and video's are showing the fat size. 


First Photo, No Light

Second Photo, Light

Video, Light


You may also purchase by the pound.

Sold in 2 oz bags by weight

(If I have extra shakers when these arrives, I will send them in shakers at no charge. )

This is a Pre Sale.

We expect a 3 week turn around time!

Please do not order this with In Stock Items or it will delay your shipping.



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