Glow in the Dark Pigment

Glow in the Dark Pigment


The Patronus Charms Collection

Glow in the Dark, Long-lasting, Color Pigments! 

This listing is for a 10g cosmetic jar of Glow in the dark Mica Powder with spoon.

Entire package weight approx 1 oz.


#1 Hermione's Otter

#2 Lily's Doe 

#3 Harry's Stag

#6 Umbridge's Cat Coral!

#7 Ginny's Horse 

#8 Seamus' Fox

#9 Ron's Dog

#14 McGonagall's Cat

#15 Dumbledore's Pheonix

#16 Shacklebolt's Lynx

#18 Ernie's Boar

#19 Cho's Swan

#20 Tonk's Wolf


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